What is Tantric Companionship?

Tantric companion

The Tantric Girlfriend Experience

Slow | Intimate | Passionate Connection

Tantric companion

The word Tantra literally means ‘woven together’. And if you think of Tantra as a trending sex practice, allow me to enlighten you. Because very often, Budhdhists and Hindus who practice meditation also practice Tantra as a way of ‘weaving’ the spiritual with the physical. During a physical experience, the practice of Tantra merges spirituality with sexuality for a longlasting, deep, explosive experience. There is no higher realm of intimacy. And intimacy is what I am all about.

The goal of Tantra is to achieve spiritual and deep, intimate contact during a sensual experience

The Tantric practice is slow and intimate, building a deep connection with your partner and yourself that’s both intense, enlightening and life-changing. The result is the creation of close bonds, greater awareness of your body, and the development of skills like mindfulness, restraint, and communication.

Another benefit of tantric companionship is its ability to ease anxiety. Traditionally, intimacy can cause performance anxiety around premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and the worry about ensuring orgasm.

The Tantric Companionship Experience with Couples

Of course, there is the GFE experience. But then there is the Tantric companionship experience which is much more profound than the girlfriend experience you might seek. A Tantric Girlfriend Experience can dramatically improve your relationships, whether personal (with your wife, girlfriend, or yourself) or business (how you cohesively interact with professionals around you). And since I am a genuine Tantric practitioner, I warmly embrace couples as I adore women and couples just as much as I adore men!

Express yourself in a pressure free environment

A genuine, authentic Tantric experience can only be practiced by a person who is trained in the art. This same person is at one with herself; one who is balanced, stable, sincere, loving, and genuine.

Here in the Western world, there are plenty who claim to offer genuine Tantric companionship. And yet, they have no official training or education. By training, I mean studying with and learning from seasoned Tantric sages that teach and certify the practice at its most primitive and advanced levels. The benefits come to you in the form of deep, open intimacy, a feeling of being alive, total acceptance and ecstasy. You can see all of my formal training on this page, here.

Is a Tantric experience better than a regular, sensual experience?

Such a good question! The act of Tantric intimacy is slowwwww, with a focus on mindfulness, sensuality, calm, and spirituality. Sensual foreplay is extended. ‘O’s’ can be delayed which allows for a deeper connection and a more powerful one when it finally comes.

What’s Involved in a Tantric Session?

We migh begin with a candlelit encounter that includes talking quietly, sipping our favorite beverage with music in the background, some form of meditation, gentle body touch and incredible massage (I am certified in different massage modalities). Depending on your needs and desires, we might opt for a Yoni massage or Lingam massage. In any case, your world will be enlightened!

Would you like to reserve some time together? If you have any questions first, I welcome you to reach out to me.

About Tantra Massage

Tantric companionship for couples

What is Tantra?

Tantric companionship for couples

Tantra is a sacred, ancient practice, derived from both Buddhism and Hinduism. In Sanskrit, Tantra means woven together.” If you want to connect with your energy, get in touch with your body, and deepen your self-understanding, Tantra is the way.
Tantric massage is a healing, ecstatic way of harnessing your life force and transforming your experience of pleasure. As a Tantric healer, I’m hands-on, using sacred touch, energy work, aural and visual stimulation, and breathwork to open up your chakras and help you discover your truest self. A full body Tantric experience
can free you from your limits and shoot you to new physical and spiritual heights.
A Tantric massage session often involves a lingam massage, which is one way of connecting to your chi. Lingam translates to “shaft
of light” and refers to the male organ. During this massage, I often utilize advanced techniques, including Sacred Spot massage.
As I’m also a Tantric coach, I can teach you to increase your stamina and control your response, whether you choose edging and retention or achieving a full release.
A Tantric companion is the person who goes on the Tantric journey with you. I believe in forging an intimate bond with my Tantric partner. Trust, respect, being open, and a willingness to go deep
are important factors in a Tantric relationship.
If you’re looking to transform your life, Tantric Massage and Tantric Companionship can help you achieve your most personal and important sensual goals.