Milking Table Magic


Like Nothing You've Ever Experienced

“To experience the most profound levels of sexual ecstasy, we must be willing to release, if only temporarily, the drive for explosive orgasms and surrender to a quest for self-discovery.”


A Milking Table Massage is One of my Specialties

To put it simply, a milking table is a man’s erotic massage table. It is a piece of sex furniture specially designed for him to lie on comfortably, belly down, with a round opening where his Lingham hangs. His massage mistress is beneath the table, ready and willing to pleasure him with a slow intensity that no words can describe.

Depending on the desires of the man, she will take him through many cycles of ecstatic stimulation that make him dizzy with pleasure (also known as edging which can lead to self-mastery). The level of sensitivity becomes extraordinarily erotic as the final outcome is prolonged again and again, extending intense pleasure like he has never experienced.

What is Different About a Milking Table Massage?

Since his massage mistress has unparalleled access to his most erogenous area, she takes him through sensual sequences of teasing and stimulation. She has mastered the art of prolonging this extreme ecstasy, delaying a final release, if any at all. To say that the entire experience is akin to one long orgasm is an understatement. Either way, if she does bring him to the point of a full release, it is incredibly powerful and he is left in a state of pure gratification.

I am skilled and certified in many different massage modalities which can be coupled with a milking table massage. I highly recommend the gentleman who is reading my words to indulge in this unforgettable experience.